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Albany, New York

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Teaching Adaptive Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

Albany, New York

April 13 - 14, 2007

We had such a great time in Albany!  Each time I present this program I fall in love again - with yoga, with the teachers who participate in this program, and with the courageous students who come to teach us what MS is like for them so that we can understand and be of service to students who have physical challenges.  During the course of the training we were reminded several times that life is a healing journey.  Many of us are drawn to therapeutic yoga because of our own healing experiences.  Some of us are teaching students who have MS or know someone who has MS.  Others wanted to learn more about MS and adaptive yoga techniques.  These two days flew by.  We learned new things and shared with others.  I think that it's safe to say that most of us were profoundly affected by the experience of working with students who live with multiple sclerosis. 

I designed this training specifically for trained yoga teachers.  In basic level YTTs, the focus is on teaching yoga to beginning students.  This training builds on the basic YTT as well as the teachers' experience as a teacher to focus on making yoga accessible to underserved populations who have the need for modified and adaptive yoga.  In this training, teachers learn new ways of applying their skills.  We learn that it's not so much what we teach but how we teach it.  And we learn from each other as well as from the training materials.


Afterall, this is a healing journey for the teacher as well as the student.  Jai bhagwan, Karen


  How Wonderful!

Comments from Charity Shoen, BSW, Programs and Services Manager, Upstate New York Chapter:

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!  What a great pleasure to work with you and the wonderful yoga instructors at our program.  Please continue sharing your knowledge of MS, and love of yoga to as many people as you can!  I am so proud to be a part of this!  Thank you!  Charity

Comments from teachers about this training:

  • Far exceeded my expectations in all aspects.  Program included everything for an understanding of people with MS, their issues, ways of modifying and adapting yoga to benefit their diverse needs.  I can’t wait to get home and implement what I’ve learned in my classes that include those with MS and other similar disabilities.
  • This training was wonderful.  I learned so much about MS and yoga.  Working with the people who came on Friday evening was such a valuable experience.  We learned about them, how different each of their journeys is.  Working with them on some yoga practices that they could take home with them really helped us to put what we learned into practice.
  • Karen always gave enough time to share our experiences – she always ended each group sharing with “Does anyone have any last burning thought?”  This was extremely important to me.
  • Karen – you embody the essence of yoga with your open heart, kind demeanor, patience, and knowledge.  You know how to empower others with how you present.  You help us connect and feel confident with our own wisdom.  The workshop was very thorough with both the eastern and western perspectives.  Excellent presentation. 
    • I will use this training to broaden asanas in my chair class.  Some of the chair postures are also a way to teach the essence of the postures to regular students.  I’m also considering how I can successfully offer adaptive yoga in my area.  I also enjoyed some of the reminders about living and teaching that you shared.
    • I will take away more confidence and some new tools on how to work with a physically modified population.  I also was reminded how extraordinary people are – both the teachers and “students” were exceptional.
  • I have more tools to use in the class that I can present in the future.  I am walking away with an expanded awareness on teaching specialty classes.  I feel prepared to teach classes I haven’t taught in the past.  Thank you.
  • Karen, was excellent.  Very informative, good sense of humor, empathetic, great course.  You can tell she has a great understanding of YOGA (all 8 limbs) and practices what she teaches.

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