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Binghamton, New York

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Teaching Adaptive Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

Binghamton, New York

September 15 - 16, 2007

If you've never been to Binghamton, New York, I recommend that you drive Route 88 from the Albany direction.  The sunset views are simply wonderful.  We had a small group of the most amazing teachers and students exploring a larger world view of yoga and what it has to offer every body. 

Here are some comments from workshop participants who have MS:

“I thought the Workshop was great!  It ended up being 3 hours, but went by very quickly.  I think the progression of having a group session first followed by small groups worked well.  Having an instructor for each 1 or 2 participants was key, because you could work on specific exercises to benefit you.  I plan to follow-up by going to some yoga/stretching classes this fall.” -Steve Y.


“I am the one thanking you for making us aware that we are able to do Yoga and reap its' benefits.  I, for one, am still feeling the affects as my neck pain still has not returned.  It had to be a muscular thing and not a vertebrae out of place after all.  This morning, I did my yoga exercises that they taught me how to do, and will continue.” -Betty C.


“I was going to write to you to say how fantastic the meeting was yesterday.  I think it was beneficial for the local instructors to meet with others outside of our community, which I'm sure they do but this was for adaptive Yoga which is for US!!!  After the session we went to the Alzheimer's Walk and I met up with another gentleman that said he tried Yoga with his wife but it lost him.  Maybe this adaptive series could get more people into the concept of Yoga even though they do not have MS.  As we stated yesterday, we all have a story and Yoga just might be an additional way to get on with life.  Just the awareness of breathing can be an eye-opener!  To answer your question - I feel yesterday was an eye-opener of what WE can do.  WE all have energy within ourselves and to use that energy to better ourselves is what WE can do for ourselves.  Yoga is another means to find that energy.  Thank you for providing this workshop for us.” -Rebecca S.