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Forth Worth, Texas

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Missing from photo:  Rebecca, Ann and Karen


Teaching Adaptive Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

Southlake, Texas

July 6 - 7, 2007


The training at Divine Yoga Center,LLC was simply divine!  The studio was lovely, from the entry area, through the library/sitting room (so welcoming), through the kitchen (homemade muffins and tea!), into the spacious studio.  Even the rest rooms are divine!  Gusti Ratliff and Rebecca Kohler have created a yoga sanctuary that welcomes students from wherever they are on the path. 


As a result of sponsoring Teaching Adaptive Yoga for MS training, the North Central Texas Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society will be sponsoring adaptive yoga classes for multiple sclerosis beginning in September.  It is a long held dream of mine to create opportunities for people who have MS and other health challenges to practice yoga that is appropriate and accessible.  More and more information is coming out about the need for movement to improve function and reduce physical limitations.  Gusti and Rebecca are committed to creating these opportunities at Divine Yoga Center, as are the yoga teachers who participated in this training.  In fact, at least two other teachers from this training already have yoga for MS classes scheduled for the fall!!!


Comments about this training from Rebecca Kohler, co-owner of Divine Yoga Center, LLC:  This program / training is very eye-opening.  I never knew so many people have been diagnose with MS.  We hope to start an adaptive yoga class for the community.  This training has given me knowledge to teach adaptive yoga, knowledge of MS and its symptoms, and more compassion / understanding of this illness.


Comments from teachers:


I will take away many resources for books, trainings, etc.  This is my first training out of YogaFit and it is like having my eyes opened.  This is so much for me to learn in my journey.  I will use what I learned with seniors and hope to someday teach some yoga therapy.


Karen answers questions readily.  Great knowledge and personality.  I will use this training to work with students in existing classes.  I have a broader knowledge / understanding of ways to work with people with challenges.


This training was well worth the time and money.  Karen, thank you so much for sharing who you are and how you do your stuff.  I benefitted a lot and enjoyed it.  I'll offer a 4 week MS class and see how it goes.  This training has given me information, compassion, motivation to offer MS support and skills to support my students with limitations.  Gusti and Rebecca were very welcoming, very helpful.  Beautiful and good space.


Travis Ehrhardt (Director of Wellness Programs at the North Central Texas Chapter of the NMMS) was very passionate and accessible. 


Travis did an excellent job explaining MS.


Excellent - you did a wonderful job covering a lot of material in such a short time.  This is clearly a well thought out program and I enjoyed every second.  I hope to use this training in an adaptive class soon!  I have a deeper appreciation and understanding of how yoga can benefit those with MS and other physical limitations.


I feel I received the confidence I was looking for to reach out to the MS population. 


Gusti teaches airplane balance to Friday evening guests


Ann and Donna with Friday evening guests


Travis teaches us about MS


Listening intently to group presentations