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Atlanta, Georgia

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Teaching Adaptive Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

Atlanta, Georgia

August 18 - 19, 2007


This was another awesome workshop experience made possible by the engagingly wonderful teachers who participated, the staff at the Georgia chapter who supported this program and provided lots of behind the scenes support, and by the students who shared their experiences with multiple sclerosis and their eagerness to learn ways that yoga can work for them.


Comments from teachers:


This was a fantastic program that I will certainly recommend to others.  I now have more tools for working with my students who have MS as well as any other group which might need adaptive yoga.  My students have been asking for more classes each week and now I feel confident enough to do it.  I am especially pleased with the amount of practical content as far as posture modifications and how to creatively invent them.  The combination of theory and practice was right on - I never felt overwhelmed by too much of one or the other.  The compassion, energy, and experience with which Karen presents made the weekend very enjoyable.  She created a safe, open space for us to learn and explore, which is invaluable.  Also, a community of other teachers to dialogue with about this particular niche of teaching – that’s priceless!  ~JB


Excellent presentation.  I left with so much information and emotion that I know it will take time to process it all.  Karen, you are so amazing!  Your teaching style is so open and accepting.  Even though I’ve been in health care forever, having the MS guests was more enriching than anything from a book.  I will look for more opportunities to learn from Karen.  ~AY


Wow!!  Great energy and focused facilitator.  I appreciated her delivery and ability to hold space.  She embodies the spirit and magic of the Kripalu tradition.  Well done!  A great compliment to my yoga training.  I will use this training with my teaching practice and hope to add an “Adaptive Yoga” or chair yoga class.  ~BH


Great program content with excellent discussion periods / networking with other teachers!  I plan to integrate therapeutic techniques into my personal practice / instruction.  Karen is an excellent presenter / teacher; very warm and engaging instructor.  ~A


This program was great.  I didn’t even want to come but it will probably be one of my best workshops to attend.  I’ve been very tired and stressed and needed the relaxed and low-key atmosphere.  I will apply this training to my senior class and perhaps think more seriously about adaptive yoga.  What I take away from this training is permission for yoga to be a personal experience for myself and my students. ~B



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