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Southfield, Michigan

Michigan group teachers_0.jpg

 Missing from the photo:  Barbara, Julie, Kathy, Patty Anne, Peggy

Teaching Adaptive Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

Southfield, Michigan

December 1 - 2, 2007

This was my first trip to Michigan - it's December!  Cold and snowy weather are a given.  When Mindy Eisenberg approached me about going to Michigan for this workshop, I said it has be before Thanksgiving or late spring next year.  As it turned out, things fell together for this weekend, due in no small part to Mindy's dedication and determination.  In spite of the weather, 32 people came to the Sunday morning program!  Mindy did an amazing job of organizing this workshop and recruiting the Sunday participants.  The Franklin Athletic Club hosted this event in a private banquet room.  We received amazing customer service from the staff.  They even helped us set and pack things back into the car.  If you live in the Southfield area, check out this amazing facility. 
It was an honor and my very great pleasure to work with the teachers and students during this weekend workshop.  I am so grateful that teachers are interested in teaching adaptive yoga for people who have multiple sclerosis as well as other student populations needing adaptive yoga.  There is so much evidence that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.
The Detroit Free Press covered the Sunday morning workshop.  Click here to read the article.
Comments from teachers:
  • Karen did a wonderful job of creating an atmosphere of mutual learning and trust while conveying well rounded info about MS, the appropriate use of asana and asana modifications within the context of yoga as a philosophy and life style.  Learning from Karen enhanced my ability to offer my students even more modifications.  For me, since I already work with cancer, cardiac, people with fibromyalgia, etc, the training was a fantastic reinforcement of what I am doing. I have never attended training run by a teacher trained at Kripalu, and I liked learning more about that and being exposed in general to new information. I also liked revisiting some of the yogic principles that we learned about in my 200 RYT training.  I liked how Karen “named” the poses things easy to remember, to increase the likelihood people may do them at home (i.e. “How wonderful”, the “yes’ pose for opening up thru the neck and shoulders, the “no” pose to stretch the neck, etc). I will use this training to open myself to even more teaching opportunities in general and the knowledge will enhance my sensitivity to all practitioners, not just those with MS or some other health challenge.  ~ Kathy Forgrave
  • This program was fantastic - useful for any gentle or adaptive class as well.  I'll use this trainig to assist students in my mainstream classes - perhaps more confident to work individually with students.  Perhpas sub MS classes.  I take away a deeper understanding of how yoga is helpful for every body.  Perhaps especially helpful to those with physical and emotional challenges.  ~ Susann Spilkin
  • Great handouts, very comprehensive.  Sparked my creativity.  In my daily practice, I am inspired to try to reach out to more people with MS diagnosis.  I take away increased confidence, increased awareness.  Waht a great need this is in our community.  ~ Jenny Hildreth, P.T.
  • Excellent organization and clarity, very comprehensive.  So attentive to students needs.  Excellent, very practical.  I haven't been to a program that has touched my heart in the way you were able to.  I hope to find a way to work with you again.  ~ Mindy Eisenberg

Comments from community workshop students:

  • Attending the session helped direct me to return to teaching yoga and find a certification program.  If it was not for Karen's willing to do the workshop, this would have never happened.  You were very inspiring.  ~ Joy
  • Mindy - Kudos to you for such a great turn out and event yesterday.  I met some neat people and learned stuff too.  Karen is a neat lady and so are you for being
    so dedicated to helping those with MS.  ~ Diane
  • Mindy, You did a wonderful job!  Everyone really enjoyed the morning.  It was a great turn out, even with the bad weather.  ~ Patti
  • You should be thrilled. Morning was great. Sounded like the training was wonderful. Everyone  was having a great time.  All your time and effort was well worth it.  Thanks Again ~ Ellen

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