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Warwick, Rhode Island

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Comments from teachers:

1. What was most meaningful?  Friday night was so special at the heart level and such an important part of this program.  I found the information and resources extremely valuable.  The people in our space this weekend were golden.

What will I take home:  There is so MUCH!  Mostly, compassion.  I feel lots of information, resources and connection.

Overall evaluation:  PRICELESS!!!  A wonderful experience.

I would definitely recommend this workshop and I would love other workshops.


2. Most meaningful, feeling comfort in my ability to teach people with MS.

I will take home the modifications and most of all marketing tips on how to make contact.

This was a great informative program and I would recommend it to anyone interested in teaching to the disabled population whether it be MS or other disabilities.  Karen’s presentation was open and realistic and given with great compassion and authenticity.  Thank you and Best wishes.

3. I wanted to email you while I was still aglow with the energy from you MS workshop.  You are an inspiration.  Your humbleness, knowledge and genuine-ness resonates in me and motivates me to keep on my path of helping make Yoga accessible to special needs populations.   I've been asking the Universe to show me a sign that I am doing what is meant for me to do and meeting you and taking this workshop was it.  Thank you for meeting me where I am and helping me feel confident this is something I can do.  The light in me honors the light in you. 

4. Most meaningful – so much, its hard to pin point.  I always love learning new ways of doing asanas – and your presentation of the concept - “the essence of the pose” - what are you giving the student and think of ways to do asana in a new adaptive way – Knowledge of what MS is – symptoms and ways to address with yoga tools – chakras.  Lots of useful ideas, my notes, your handbook to review.

New Book list!! And some new friends.

Overall:  Excellent.  Definitely recommend.

Karen is wonderful, open, enthusiastic & contagious in her thirst for knowledge.  Heartfelt!  Articulate and organized. 


Modified Standing Series  


Small Group Class Design


Group Presentation


Comments from Karen:


Each time that this training is offered, I feel so touched and energized by the wonderful teachers who feel called to work with students who have health challenges and limitations that range from mild to serious and debilitating.  Some of the teachers are already working therapeutically and adaptively with various student populations.  Some of the teachers want to but are reticent because of a perceived lack of ability, knowledge or experience. 


I designed this training specifically for trained yoga teachers.  In basic level YTTs, the focus is on teaching yoga to beginning students.  This training builds on the basic YTT as well as teaching experience to focus on teaching underserved populations who have the need for modified and adaptive yoga.  In this training, teachers learn new ways of applying their skills.  We learn that it's not so much what we teach but how we teach it.  And we learn from each other as well as from the training materials.


Afterall, this is a healing journey for the teacher as well as the student.  Jai bhagwan, Karen