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Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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Teaching Adaptive Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis

A Workshop for Yoga Teachers and Health Care Professionals


April 17 - 18, 2009


My first trip to South Dakota was a wonderful experience, thanks in large part to Nancy Larsen of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the wonderful yoga teachers who participated in this program.  I arrived a day early to take in the sights.  I even got in a lovely Yin Yoga class with Jill Johnson at the Dharma Room.


Some exciting things are happening the the North Central Chapter region (North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa) since the workshop in April.  Yoga classes, private lessons and a retreat for women!

A Women's Weekend Retreat

We apologize, this event is full. 

Join us Friday, June 12th - Sunday, June 14th in Fargo for a weekend of relaxation and pampering - think meditation, yoga, art therapy, massage and a little shopping!

Who: Women with MS
When: The weekend starts Friday evening and ends Sunday. 
Where: Sleep Inn of Fargo, ND

This weekend is limited to 25 people. There will be no cost for participating.  Lodging, services and meals will be covered for the weekend.  You may incur expenses if you have any room incidentals or plan on shopping.  

To reserve your spot call Nancy Larsen at 605-336-7017 or email her at nancy.larsen@nmss.org

Here's what one teacher said about this training:

"I am still bathing in the new knowledge from the weekend and used some of it in class today.  The students appreciated it as did I!  I also took some programming ideas to the wellness center director which created some new ways to do business.  Thank you once again.    And thank you for being so thorough by including all these wonderful resources in your email.  I will be using them to be sure... I am really enjoying the book and appreciate the care you took in making it extensive and relevant.  I am only part way through, but I am enjoying it...I very much respect the work you do and the generosity with which it is shared.  I will be modelling my work after yours in many ways."

Photos from Teaching Adaptive Yoga for MS workshop in April

  From the ground up - feet first!

  More feet!

  ahh...you can relax now...

  standing poses for strength and alignment

  first yoga lesson