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Life / Business Coaching Services

  • Life Coaching:
    • Can help you clarify your goals, discover your passion, change your life.  Are you ready?  Get started today! 
  • Yogi Business Coaching:
    • Provides tools and strategies to build your classes, increase your student base, and help people access their healing potential through the gift of yoga.
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Gentle Yoga for Every Body

Stretches for Bed top or Floor - Breathe, you can relax now...Yoga Heals Us.

Tracks include:
  • Centering,
  • 3-Part Breath,
  • Back Warmups,
  • Leg Stretches,
  • Back Series,
  • Arms and Shoulders,
  • Pelvic Lift / Bridge Series,
  • Table Series, Belly Down,
  • Seated Warmups,
  • Seated Poses,
  • Relaxation.

"With a focus on modifications, breath, and comprehensive warm-ups, Karen's CD offers clear, detailed instruction appropriate for all levels. Recorded in tracks to allow for a customized experience, it includes just over an hour of back, belly-down, and seated postures and an 11-minute relaxation, all of which can be practiced on a bed as well as the floor. Perks for beginners include photographs of the postures in the insert. Also available at the Kripalu Shop." -- reviewed by Tresca Weinstein, KYTA Bulletin, Spring 2005

Music by Marina Raye www.marinaraye.com

Sale Price:  $10.00 (plus S/H).  CT addresses pay additional 6.35% sales tax.

This very popular CD has been re-released, updated with Marina Raye's soulful native flute melodies, improved sound quality and artwork.

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Healing Yoga for Every Body audio CD

Gentle movements of breath, mind and body for deep relaxation and healing.

Tracks include:
  • Body Scan Visualization,
  • 3 - Part Complete Breath,
  • Gentle Movement,
  • Guided Healing Meditation,
  • Short Yoga Nidra,
  • Breath Meditation,
  • Relaxation.

"The wandering notes of Marina Raye's transporting flute music on this CD are the first cues to the body and mind to give in and let go. The rest of the job is aptly done by Kripalu Yoga teacher and Integrative Yoga therapist Karen Clarke, whose specific yet unobtrusive guidance takes you on a journey to deep relaxation. Inspired by a friend of Karen's who lost much of her independent movement due to multiple sclerosis, the CD is designed for all levels of ability and includes a body scan, 20 minutes of gentle movements that can be done in a chair or on the floor, pranayama, meditations, and a 17-minute yoga nidra.The experience is designed to flow from one section to the next, but practitioners can also select different parts of the practice to fit their mood or time frame." -- reviewed by Tresca Weinstein, KYTA Bulletin, Summer 2006

Music by Marina Raye www.marinaraye.com

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Sale Price: $10.00 (plus S/H).  CT addresses add 6.35% sales tax.

Yes, You Can Yoga_0.jpg

Yes, You Can Yoga!

Stretching, toning and relaxation in a special exercise program led by yoga teacher Karen O'Donnell Clarke, a person with Multiple Sclerosis, to benefit people living with Multiple Sclerosis. All of the participants in this video have Multiple Sclerosis. VHS Format. Program length: 50 minutes Produced by the MS Awareness Foundation: www.msawareness.org

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Sale Price: $10.00 (plus S/H).  CT addresses add 6.35% sales tax.  Please note:  this is not a DVD, this is VHS.

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