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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions


Many people become interested in yoga as a way to become flexible, reduce stress and experience a sense of peace. Yoga is highly adaptable allowing students to move in ways that accommodate aches, pains and limitations. The regular practice of yoga can increase strength and flexibility, lower blood pressure, quiet the mind, improve concentration, and cultivate a sense of well-being. Our yoga classes offer a comprehensive yoga program that includes yoga philosophy, breathing techniques, yoga exercise known as asana, concentration and meditation techniques and deep relaxation integrating body, mind and spirit.

Chair Yoga for Seniors
This is a fun class that explores the needs and sensitivities of seniors including breath work and exercises that increase range of movement, strength and flexibility.  Seniors who have taken this class report that they can walk further, reach higher and sleep better – and have fun doing it!

Gentle YOGA

For all levels, especially beginners.  Move with greater ease.  Enjoy the calm, peace, and self-acceptance of yoga no matter what shape you’re in.  Karen’s gentle approach infuses her classes with humor, humility and warmth as she invites you to go at your own pace.  Karen is known for her clear and caring instructions, skillfully breaking postures into developmental increments using props and modifications that provide an accessible yoga experience for every body.  Ideal for students who want to move with greater ease and reap yoga’s many benefits, even with minimal flexibility.  Includes a variety of postures (standing, seated and on the floor.)

Mat Yoga for Seniors

This gentle class includes traditional yoga postures that start sitting on the floor, transition to hands and knees, then standing poses, then hands and knees again onto the belly, ending on the back for deep relaxation.  Modifications are given for students who have problems with knees, hips, wrist, shoulders and back.  Pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy round out the class.

Moderate Flow Yoga 
This flow style class is done at a moderate pace including longer holding and posture explorations focusing on proper alignment and movement coordinated with breath.  In particular this class will feature standing posture flows including sun salutations, strength building warrior series, and balancing poses.  This 75 minute class includes warm-ups, breath awareness, and yoga postures seated, kneeling, standing, prone and supine.  Guided relaxation and meditation round out the class.  This class is designed for students who enjoy an active and sometimes challenging yoga class.  Modifications are given as needed to ensure the postures are done safely.  Students who are new to yoga may want to consider the Gentle class first.

Therapeutic Adaptive Yoga for Health Challenges / Adaptive Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis
Designed for new and continuing students, this class adapts traditional yoga postures to the needs of each individual.  Ideal for students who have health or physical limitations including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, and more.  This class offers a balanced approach for strength and flexibility, breath work and deep relaxation.  Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for people with MS because it involves stretching and range of motion exercises for the whole body which can reduce symptoms such as muscle spasticity, muscle weakness, problems with balance and fatigue.  Focused breathing exercises promote relaxation of the mind and the body.  As with any other form of exercise, it is important that the Yoga exercises be tailored to the particular physical needs and limitations of people with MS.  Private lessons available.  Private Lessons


Yoga Basics

For all levels, beginners and experienced students.  Cultivate an internal, meditative experience while stretching and challenging the body.  Practice includes a variety of foundational postures (standing, seated and on the floor) that focus on balanced alignment.  Breathing techniques, yoga philosophy, meditation and deep relaxation are woven into each class.  Individual attention and modifications are given as much as possible within the class situation. Modifications are offered for both ends of the spectrum, beginners and more experienced students.  Classes are geared toward the majority of the students’ ability in the class at the time.  Students who have a specific physical limitation or injury may need to attend the Gentle class first.  (Individual lessons are recommended for students with specific needs.)

Yoga for Chronic Back Pain
Do you have persistent back pain?  Back pain is considered chronic if it persists longer than 12 weeks.  Some people live with some sort of back pain for years.  The causes can vary and there are strategies that can help relieve and even eliminate this type of chronic pain.  This 4-part series addresses postural alignment, core strength, muscular tension and techniques to relieve stress.  Techniques include gentle stretching using the breath to relieve tension and somatic movements to rewrite the neuromuscular patterns that contribute to chronic pain, deep relaxation and mindfulness practices that can be integrated into daily life.  This is not a substitute for medical care.



Available for Private Lessons and Small Groups


Compassionate Yoga Therapy for Cancer Survivors and Thrivers

Cancer changes your life. It knocks the wind out of your sails and rocks your world, causing physical and emotional changes that take time to heal.  Compassionate Yoga Therapy uses the 4 stages of healing - rest, restore, rebuild, and remember - to develop appropriate yoga practices to support your healing. Gentle therapeutic yoga movements at your own pace ease mobility while decreasing pain. Guided imagery, deep relaxation and simple meditation techniques promote feelings of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

From one who's been there, I know that a cancer diagnosis changes your life. The treatment changes your body, your mind, and your spirit. And I have good news. I got through it. And you can too. As a lifelong practitioner of yoga, I had tools to help me through the tough times, yoga practices that I could lean on to help me relax, breathe, calm my mind, and eventually stretch and strengthen my body. I want you to have these tools, too.

This class is oriented toward individuals who are have recently been or are currently being treated for cancer.

Let Go of Stress with Yoga Nidra

For all levels, including beginners and experienced students.  A primary cause of many illnesses, mental stress weakens the immune system and invites a variety of physical and mental health conditions.  In this yoga class, you’ll learn stress reduction techniques that will broaden your ability to practice the art of relaxed living, including one of the primary practices, Yoga Nidra.  Yoga Nidra is the state of conscious deep sleep.  In Yoga Nidra, you’re awake and the body is in a very relaxed state.  Yoga Nidra brings calmness, quietness and clarity.  It’s one of the deepest of all meditations, leading awareness through many levels of mental process to a state of deep stillness and insight.  This class explores various methods of practice that lead to the state of Yoga Nidra through which we can transform stress and experience the fullness of living an authentic life.  Try it.  You’ll love how you feel!

Mindfulness Meditation: Skillful Tools for Stressful Times

Perhaps you've heard that meditation can help you relieve stress or improve your concentration or improve your health in some way. Maybe you've tried to meditate but you haven't yet found the practice that works for you.  Each week includes discussion and meditation practice, and sometimes, guided relaxation. Leave with a renewed sense of well-being and tools to continue meditating at home. Research has shown that a regular meditation practice has many health benefits including reduced stress, improved attention, stronger immune system, less emotional reactivity, and improved sense of health and well-being.  Start feeling better now. No experience necessary. Bring your own meditation cushion or bring a chair cushion. Chairs are available on-site. Bring a journal or writing materials to class.


Recommended reading:

Lovingkindness The Revolutionary Art of Happiness by Sharon Salzberg

The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hahn

How to Meditate by Pema Chodren