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I really enjoy your classes and look forward to going every Tuesday.  You’re always so bubbly and have a smile on your face.  It’s (yoga) helping my fibromyalgia.  ~ MM


Thank you so much…for giving me the opportunity to enjoy yoga, not just in your class, but in my everyday life.  ~ BG


Your 10 year party was a great success and tribute to us all, including you, our most caring instructor.  I was so honored to be the recipient of “The Healing Path of Yoga.”  I have already read some of it…A perfect book to read poolside after a round of golf.  Bliss!  I thank you for teaching me the importance of present mindfulness and remembering to breathe…Namaste, ML (This student came to class the night before her heart surgery!)



Re:  Chakra Yoga Workshop on January 28, 2006


Trish - yesterday's workshop was nothing less than a "profound experience" for me.  I learned much in that brief time and have much to learn!  I'm looking forward to the journey and the next experience with Karen.  Thank you for hosting it.  Namaste and good health, P.

Teaching Adaptive Yoga for MS


Here’s what one student who has MS said about this experience: 

Thank you for bringing together such a positive event.  I was happy to make any contribution I did to the event…Thank You for such a positive event in the spirit of healing whatever that is to each individual.  Being – Kevin (Kevin is a student of Yoga who generously donated his time and energy to model all of the adaptive posture photos included in the training manual.)


Comments from teachers who participated in the training:


“Karen's teaching on Yoga for MS continues to be one of my most used set of skills. She is an outstanding Master Teacher that is able to communicate principle in a clear and easy manner. The skill sets I learned from her are the most used in my tool box as I work with clients with MS and cancer. I highly recommend her as a teacher.”  MH

“I received training from Karen in teaching yoga to people with MS. Karen is very passionate about teaching yoga and that came through in the training. Karen gave us first hand knowledge of what we might face in working with folks with MS in all stages. She even ran us through an exercise to give us an idea what it was like to have MS. Karen gave us the greatest tools to use, her experience. I cherish the opportunity to work with her again and encourage anyone that gets the chance to train with to do so with great confidence. Thanks Karen.”  JA

Overall workshop was excellent!  Karen Clarke and assistants were very organized and knowledgeable about MS and Yoga.  I was very impressed with layout of workshop for both days.  Thank you – thank you – thank you for this valuable info and experience.  I was honored and blessed to be able to meet and share ideas...with experienced Yoga instructors.  Thank you for allowing me to share my Yoga MS experience also.  (Connecticut participant)


Just wanted to thank you and your assistants for a wonderful program. I thoroughly enjoyed the past 2 days in Groton. I left with a wealth of knowledge that will serve me well in seniors classes even if I don't have anyone with MS in the room.  (Connecticut participant)


Overall, this was one of the most professional workshops I have ever attended.  The range and sequence of activities, the pacing, even the choice and timing of food all fit and made sense for what we were trying to accomplish.  I am grateful for the energy you put into planning this workshop.  (Rochester participant)

I enjoyed your training in so many different ways. Your ability to engage and respond personally to each of your students is truly one of your gifts. You provided so much wonderful information on not only MS but creative ways to adapt poses. I love to find the foundation of a pose  and meld it into a form that works best for the individual student.  (Rochester participant)


Thank you so much for the beautiful training. You are a gifted teacher. I've been finding little nuggets from the weekend bubble up into the classes I've taught over the last several days. I particularly enjoyed the philosophy, chakra, kosha, dosha survey on Saturday. My own background has focused more heavily on asana and it is wonderful to be reminded that this other realm of richness can also be integrated into classes. The two days were beautifully organized, the manual is a tremendous resource, and I think you provided a great introduction to adapting Yoga for people with physical challenges.  (Maryland participant)

It was really wonderful to spend 2 days with you and the other light-filled yoga teachers at the Adaptive Yoga training for MS!  Thank you so much for all your energy, hard work, guidance, and presence.  I took away many gifts from the formal training and from the participants as well.  (Maryland participant)

I have used your adjustments in various setting for a variety of people with differing levels of mobility. Each person seemed to have gained some insight, relaxation, or felt stronger. Thank you again for sharing your gifts.  ~ WMB

Training info

Here’s what coaching clients say:


Coaching with you has given me the structure I need to do this work.  I feel like you are a cheerleader who believes in me even when I doubt myself.  ~ BG


In our time together, I’ve become more grounded.  I’m not as hard on myself and I’ve made progress in making the changes I want in my life.  I always find enlightenment when I spend time with you.  Thank you.  ~ JM


Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and information.  I’m enjoying this process of “discovering my work” and am grateful to you for your help in this process.  ~ NG


Thank you for the time you spent with me this week – I felt as though your strength, knowledge and wisdom has increased my awareness in a positive way.  ~ CV


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Yogi Business Coaching

Healing Yoga CD_1.jpg

Healing Yoga for Every Body

Just had to let  you know that your CD, "Healing Yoga for every body" is one of the best relaxation tools we have found. One night my husband and I were reacting to a crises and needed something to help calm down our bodies and minds. In our living room we turned off the lights and put on your CD - and let your gentle voice guide us to complete relaxation through gentle movements of breath, mind and body.  We felt tension release and were finally able to get a good night's sleep. Your CD was a godsend that night. Thank you.  ~ Peg Snow-Madura, PhD


The guided breath meditation was an immediate draw for me, because it is about slowing down, focusing on the moment and the bonus is that it is not very long in terms of time.  I got the idea to do this practice about an hour before I was to participate in a very emotional and tense meeting.  So, there I sat in my cubicle (with headphones on) closed my eyes and did the meditation.  I felt calm and my heart open.  When things got heated in the meeting, as expected, I simply took a deep breath and was able to remain calm and help guide the group toward a less combative mode.  ~ Emily Melendez, JD


Healing Yoga for Every Body

Yes, You Can Yoga_1.jpg

Yes, You Can Yoga! video

I thought the video was very good.  The blond woman, in your class, has MS about the same level as me so it was interesting to see her range of motion.  I was very surprised to see Dr. Sadiq, he is my doctor!  I must confess that I haven't started doing the yoga yet, but will write back when I do and mention what I found hard or easy.  I was grateful that you acknowledge the balance problems we all have. The use of a chair in front of me will be helpful.  In standard yoga classes I found the mountain pose to be stressful, I think your rendition will be better.

I have had MS for 18 years and have experienced quite a few complimentary modalities, so although I am considered progressive (MS) I still walk on my own most of the time and travel all over the world without my husband along to assist me.  Feeling empowered and having a good mind set helps immeasurably.  Good luck with the video.  Namaste, NE


I really enjoyed the video.  I purchased it because I was asked by the local MS society to teach a class specifically for them.  I am a certified Kripalu teacher.  I read a bit, but all in all your video was so specific, exactly the information I was looking for.  I recommend it to my students.  I liked the fact that you had 'real' students in your video, with varying degrees of mobility.  In my class I have had 14 at one time, 2 in wheelchairs, 2 with walkers, 2 with canes, some that betrayed no outward signs of MS.


Watching the video (over and over) gave me the confidence to teach the class.  I have been teaching a chair yoga for years, so I had a basis, but the video was so specific for MS - answered some questions in my mind.  I now have a private MS student as well. ~ CS


Yes, You Can Yoga!

Interview with a nomad_1.jpg

Interview with a Nomad

I just listened to the KYTA CD - you inspired me. In lots of ways. Thank you thank you thank you. I needed to hear some hard truths, encouragement, and practical advice. ~ CS

Interview with a Nomad